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How log do cars last nowadays?

Cars don’t last forever, but they are beginning to last much longer than they did in the past. New models come out every year and the manufacturers are encouraged to make and sell as many as possible, mainly to boost the economy. However, we can’t all afford new cars and most of us have to make do with a used vehicle. As already mentioned, the more modern cars are more reliable than in the past, but they still need maintenance and the replacement of parts.
Popular belief is that although German cars are very strong, the most reliable tend to come out of Japan. The likes of Honda, Toyota, Mazda and Mitsubishi all make engines that seem to go on forever. Even in countries with hot and humid climates, such as Thailand, these little cars run and run for years. Take, for example, a 1992 (twenty years old) Mitsubishi Lancer in the streets of Bangkok. There are still many such cars running round driven by everyone from boy racers to taxi drivers. Why are they so reliable? Well, there’s also a good supply chain of the parts for these little cars. For Mitsubishi spare parts Thailand is a leading supplier and sells both to its own market and abroad. Some of the better suppliers in Bangkok have access to genuine parts from Mitsubishi Thailand as well as OEM Mitsubishi parts which are produced in the same factories and under the same strict quality control, but packaged differently and sold at lower prices through different retailers. The main Mitsubishi spare parts Thailand suppliers are based in and around the centre of Bangkok, but they have many ways to quickly deliver parts all around the country in a matter of hours. Some also have full stocks of Fuso truck parts for Mitsubishi’s own brand of 4-10 wheel trucks and semi-trailers.
Whether the customer needs a set of piston rings for an old Fuso truck or a high performance camshaft for his or her Lancer Evolution, contacting a genuine and OEM Mitsubishi car and truck parts supplier is all they need to do to get the part(s) they want within their necessary timeframe and budget. Main dealers always offer top quality parts, but the prices are often sky high, too. In addition, the staff are trained to always ensure that parts are replaced well before they are really due. A more local dealer or mechanic will give more honest advice about exactly what needs replacing and when.

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